*Oya ji! Ma Sun!*

*Mo ni o jii  Seh, ma Sun!*

*Are you still dulling???*

 Eluku you never start to dey prepare.. the birthing of kings is here! I mean ibimo awon oba, you can't even tell me you've not heard of *laffeteria*! you must be on a codeine diet! *Laffteria* this season is the birthing of kings, happening live in funaab it promise to be fun, thrilled and laffy! You don't wanna miss this, that babe you've been chiking, and she's been forming like she no dey laugh bring am na that day she go say yes! Bring your sister mend the bond! Carry your friends come, we full ground for you like lagoon°°°° you still dey sleep!
Oya ji! *Laffeteria!!!*

*The birthings of kings!*

*Date to be announced soon*....

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