Saturday, 3 March 2018

Davido~ Singer admits to being promiscuous

In case you have been feeling guilty for branding
Davido promiscuous, you might as well forgive
yourself because the singer has owned up to his

Davido was in the news recently and it had everything to do
with him attending a family event with his new girlfriend,
Chioma .
The singer who has smash hits in heavy rotation at the
moment is well known for the ladies in his life - by ladies, we
refer to the ladies he has gone public, and/or shares babies
with. Of course, with fame and fortune come the ladies.
While it would be hard to guess the ladies that have been in
his life, it is easy to list the ladies he has gone public with.
Here is a list of the women who have been publicly involved in
Davido's life;
1. Sophia Momodu
Sophia became a known figure in Davido’s life when the
singer was already gaining so much momentum as a star.
Sophia who is also a niece to publisher and media guru, Dele
Momodu gave birth to Davido first daughter, Imade . However,
Sophia and Davido’s relationship didn't last long and then
came the drama over whose responsibility it was to take care
of their daughter. After a messy back and forth drama, the
two settled amicably and have since had a cordial
relationship. »
2. Amanda
Well not so much is known about Amanda who was at one
time Davido’s girlfriend up until sometime in 2017. Amanda
who is said to be based in the United States gave birth to
Davido’s second daughter » , Hailey . Just before the birth of
Hailey, Davido attended the baby shower for the baby.
3. Chioma Avril Roland
Chioma is the first lady Davido has publicly declared his love
for. He doesn't shy away from posting photos of them on his
Snapchat page. Chioma Avril Roland is a 300 level student
at Babcock University. Chioma has been spotted with Davido
at his family’s private events » making it look like this might
just be the lady that would walk down the aisle with Davido.
4. Sira Kante
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The love story between Davido and Sira Kante is one which a
lot of people admired while it lasted » . Davido's relationship
with the Guinean born when she was cast in a music video in
November 2014 for ‘ Naughty’ by Davido featuring DJ Arafat .
Well just like every guy in love, Davido showed off Sira on his
Instagram page for a while. Well, what led to the end of the
relationship isn't really clear but they looked beautiful together

while it lasted.

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